Second Opinion

Consult for FREE

Patients desiring second opinion will get ONE FREE CONSULT at I-CARE Clinics

Promotional deals

i-CARE will offer promotional deals to the extent of 2,500 AED per annum, for services not covered under Insurance

M-VAS Service

M-VAS Service that will be a first in the entire GCC region

Wellness Plans

•One Basic Wellness Plan at 50% OFF – Saving worth AED 400
•One Executive Wellness Plan at 50% OFF – Saving worth AED 1100

Dental offers

•Scaling & Polishing saving worth AED 150
•Zoom whitening saving worth AED 150
•1 Orthodontics consult with our Specialist Complimentary – worth AED 250

Laser Treatment

•Laser Treatment savings worth 450

FIRST OPINION for DUBAI Inbound Tourists

VIP , Concierge FREE ONE MEDICAL CONSULT for Dubai inbound tourists will be offered via toll free number 1800 i care


2nd OPINION offers ONE FREE MEDICAL CONSULT with zero co pay for UAE residents desiring to seek another doctor at i Care chain of clinics across Dubai